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At Gill & Mulholland LLP we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service with a personal approach that can only be provided by a boutique law firm. Our clients and lawyers work closely together to solve our clients’ legal problems, finding the right solution for each situation. Whether it’s litigation, mediation or creative problem solving, we remain focussed on meeting each client’s own legal goals.

Case Studies

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    Realtors who hire telemarketers need to ensure that they are in compliance with the CRTC’s Do Not Call List Rules or risk hefty fines for themselves and their brokerages

    As a real estate agent, you have likely been approached by telemarketers (or other marketing companies) who promise to provide...

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    The Troubles of Multiple Representation

    Multiple representation, also known as double ending, occurs when two parties in a real estate transaction are represented by the...

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    Case Study – Claims for Loss of Income under the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement

    When a claimant’s damages for loss of income under the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement (the “Settlement Agreement”) exceed $250,000,...